JMS & Message Driven Beans(MDBs)


Today I will talk about the Java Message Service API (JMS) and Message Driven Beans (MDBs), please find the link bellow with the PDF for this article:

JMS Message Driven Beans(MDBs)


  • The JMS API Programming Model
  • The Connection Factory & Connection
  • JMS Destinations
  • JMS Sessions
  • The JMS Message
  • Producers
  • Consumers
  • Listeners
  • Selectors Messages & Headers
  • Bodies
  • The Message Driven Bean (MDBs) API
  • Structure of an MDB
  • What Makes Message Driven Beans Different from Session Beans?
  • Lifecycle of an MDB
  • When to Use Message Driven Beans
  • Writing an MDB JMS example (Producer)
  • JMS example (Consumer)
  • Pros and Cons of MDBs

Thomas R Modeneis.


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