SoapUI 4.5.1 – Step by Step Tutorial to Create a WebServices Regression Test using XPath Match Assertions


Today I will show you how to use SoapUI 4.5.1 OpenSource Community Version to Create a WebServices Regression Test using XPath Match Assertions. On this tutorial you will learn how to create assertions and validate the soap:Envelope, Body, create and use Wildcards and also RegEx expressions.

Please find the PDF bellow for the complete article:

SoapUI Tutorial XPath

Thomas Modeneis.


9 thoughts on “SoapUI 4.5.1 – Step by Step Tutorial to Create a WebServices Regression Test using XPath Match Assertions”

      1. HI Thomas,

        thanks for you reply!

        Sorry, still the same problem:
        Error loading []: java.lang.Exception: Failed to load url;, 0

        We are using the same SOAPUI version…
        I did also try to download a local version but then a got a different error. Can it be something in the settings? (I did try to get a better log but no luck)


      2. Hi Karl,

        It seems that you are being blocked by the firewall or something ??
        try to open the URL on the browser and see if it works:

        If the url works on your browser you can save it to a file on your PC and load it from there?? Try this instead and let me know.

        I just created a new project and imported the wsdl and it is working:

        [exec] 15:25:44,634 DEBUG [WsdlLoader] Getting wsdl component from [
        [exec] 15:25:44,972 DEBUG [HttpClientSupport$SoapUIHttpClient] Attempt 1 to execute request
        [exec] 15:25:44,972 DEBUG [SoapUIMultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager$SoapUIDefaultClientConnection] Sending r
        uest: GET /CurrencyConvertor.asmx?wsdl HTTP/1.1
        [exec] 15:25:45,173 DEBUG [SoapUIMultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager$SoapUIDefaultClientConnection] Receiving
        esponse: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
        [exec] 15:25:45,176 DEBUG [HttpClientSupport$SoapUIHttpClient] Connection can be kept alive indefinitely
        [exec] 15:25:45,784 DEBUG [AbstractDefinitionContext] Loading Definition…
        [exec] 15:25:45,809 DEBUG [WsdlInterfaceDefinition] Loading WSDL:
        [exec] 15:25:45,809 DEBUG [AbstractWsdlDefinitionLoader] Returning baseInputSource [http://www.webservicex.n
        [exec] Retrieving document at ‘’.
        [exec] 15:25:45,935 INFO [SchemaUtils] Loading schema types from [

      3. Hi again,

        tried with saving the file local as a XML and it worked.
        Still not sure why it do not work with the URL, but as long it works I am happy:)

        Thanks for your help!

      4. Hi Karl,
        Very good mate, I believe you may have some firewall issues, or proxy configurations to be done ?
        Have a look on that, this can maybe the cause.

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