How everything started real, sometime between 1990 and 2000 (early in the period)

How everything started
The Java history started to be written when James Gosling, Patrick Naughton and Mike Sheridan joined two Sun Microsystems founders, Andy Bechtolsheim e Bill Joy, to think about the new wave in the digital world. They soon realized that the new wave would be the convergence of computers and devices used in the day to day life. Everything interconnected and controlled remotely.

This way, they started the Green Project. The goal of the Green Project was to create a system that would allow to build a distributed and heterogeneous network of consumer electronic devices, all communicating with each other. They chose the challenge of creating a software environment that would be super cool (yes, this was one of the requirements!), interesting to the consumer market and at the same time attractive to software developers. The system should involve art and design, and it should be implemented by a small group of people in less than one year. The goal was not easy.

In the initial task division, Mike Sheridan was responsible for business development, Patrick Naughton for the graphic system, and James Gosling (the project leader) was responsible for finding the right programming language for the project. During one year and a half, the Green Project got new members and became a team of 13 people.

Here is a picture of the Green Project team:

From left to right in the picture, you can see: Al Frazier, Joe Palrang, Mike Sheridan, Ed Frank, Don Jackson, Faye Baxter, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, James Gosling, Bob Weisblatt, David Lavallee and Jon Payne. Missing: Cindy Long, Chuck Clanton, Sheueling Chang and Craig Forrest.

Reference : The Java History by: Javaman (Bruno Souza)


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