SouJava Meeting -25 june – At Intel site

When: 25 june
Time: 18:30 PM
Venue: Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 940 – Torre 2 – 10. Andar
(Very next to the Market Place Shopping and Trem station Morumbi)

Register: http://goo.gl/5qJKo


1 – Coffe-break

2 – Theme: How JavaFX and Intel Ultrabook can work together and why you need to worry about performance.

Description: Have you ever realized that you can use touch screen sensors in your Java Apps? See how you can make use of this new technology (Ultrabooks) and enhance the customer experience, explore new ways of interaction between app an user using JavaFX. We will also talk about performance and hardware.

George H. Silva – Android Comunity Manager – Intel – Brazil.
Felipe Pedroso Community manager – Ultrabooks/Windows8 – Intel – Brazil.

3 – Theme: plugins for Java 8 Compiler

Description: Get to know this new and powerful tool on Java 8, This will help you to create enhanced and personalized reports for your sources.

Marcelo de Castro – Globalcode Alphaville.

More information and original text: http://soujava.org.br/2013/06/17/encontro-tecnico-soujavaintel/


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