The Developers Conference is about to start

Hello Everyone,

The Developer Conference (TDC) in Brazil is about to start.
You are invited to join us from 10 to 14 July. don’t miss it!!!

City: Sao Paulo – SP
Venue: Universidade Anhembi Morumbi
Address: Rua Casa do Ator 275 – Itaim Bibi.

Learn all the details, most recent hacks and updates about the just launched Java EE 7, Java FX, JDK and much, much more!

Bellow are some of the very nice programs with free access during the conference, you are more then welcome to join us!!

Open Source (Free)

Hackathon Mobile – IBM (Free)

Workshop Java EE

Oficial site for subscriptions: http://inscricoes.globalcode.com.br/congressista/modalidadesTDC.seam;jsessionid=D6B378DA811808185D3EB1FAF7A650B9?cid=1565

Join us!



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