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Running a RethinkDB Proxy as Daemon


In this article we are going to learn the commands and steps to have a install daemonize package on Ubuntu 16.10,Ubuntu 14.04, CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Fedora, etc …

Quick Install Daemonize:

tar -xvzf release-1.7.7.tar.gz
cd daemonize-release-1.7.7/
sh configure
sudo make install


Running RethinkDB Proxy with Daemonize:

daemonize -E BUILD_ID=dontKillMe -p /opt/ \ 
/usr/bin/rethinkdb proxy --join yourcluster:29015 \
--http-port 8095 --bind all


Check all the other usages for daemonize:

# daemonize
daemonize, version 1.7.7
Usage: daemonize [OPTIONS] path [arg] ...


-a Append to, instead of overwriting, output files. Ignored
 unless -e and/or -o are specified.
-c <dir> Set daemon's working directory to <dir>.
-e <stderr> Send daemon's stderr to file <stderr>, instead of /dev/null.
-E var=value Pass environment setting to daemon. May appear multiple times.
-o <stdout> Send daemon's stdout to file <stdout>, instead of /dev/null.
-p <pidfile> Save PID to <pidfile>.
-u <user> Run daemon as user <user>. Requires invocation as root.
-l <lockfile> Single-instance checking using lockfile <lockfile>.
-v Issue verbose messages to stdout while daemonizing.




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