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Installing cURL on RancherOS

How to install cURL on RancherOS ?

RancherOS comes without cURL, so it maybe that if you are trying to install something on a RancherOS box, you will find a dead end when trying to use cURL.

So I created this post for my own future reference, I hope it helps someone else



[root@rancheros ~]# echo 'docker run --rm radial/busyboxplus:curl curl $@' > /usr/bin/curl && chmod +x /usr/bin/curl

[root@rancheros ~]# curl
Unable to find image 'radial/busyboxplus:curl' locallycurl:

Pulling from radial/busyboxplusa3ed95caeb02:

Pull complete 7802a1bc4dbd:

Pull complete e89c986f208e:

Pull complete Digest: sha256:a68c05ab1112fd90ad7b14985a48520e9d26dbbe00cb9c09aa79fdc0ef46b372Status:

Downloaded newer image for radial/busyboxplus:curlcurl: try 'curl --help' for more information

4 thoughts on “Installing cURL on RancherOS”

      1. I was being silly 🙂

        My reason for installing cURL was to get docker-compose working. The only additional thing I had to do was pipe the output from the curl command. eg:

        curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` > /media/docker-compose

        The reason you have to do this is because cURL is effectively running inside a container. So when it curls the file, it’s curling to inside container. I had to pipe the output to a file sitting on the RancherOS host. Other than that, it worked perfectly


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